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Digital Sound Level Meter

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CEL-231 : Digital Sound Level Meter

Regularly Priced $700, selling for $400
Digital Impulse Sound Level Meter, CEL-231
The CEL95014 digital impulse sound level meter is specially designed to meet the sound survey needs of industrial hygienists and safety professionals.
The CEL95014 uses a large digital display with full 0.1dB resolution to guarantee easy, precise reading.
The sound level meter is equipped with both “A” and “C” frequency weightings to take advantage of the increasing use of hearing protection noise reduction rating (NRR) which simplifies the selection of hearing protectors.
Just two measurement ranges, both covering a 70dB span, are needed to achieve a 30dB – 135dB (A) total measurement span so that a single range of 65dB-135dB is available for industrial surveys.


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